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High stability: the high stability of the automatic plastic bottle cap moulding machine comes from the high standard of design concept and strict processing requirements, and also comes from high standard electricity and gas configuration. High degree of automation: machine one key start, one key stop, truly fully automatic. Easy to...
  • Bottle cap mould
    Jin Kun Precisional Mould Factory is a company which is dedicated to designning, researching, and producting cap mold with high precision.Since the establishment of the Company, after years of hard striving, it has been devoted to researching and manufacturing cap mold, and has been accumulateda wealth of experiences in design and production, specially mastering the core production technologies of mineral.....
  • Incision machine
    Fully automatic anti - theft bottle cutting machine is an efficient and fully automated incision equipment designed to create cracks in the bottle cap. Can guarantee in the high speed cutting knife slit, closed and the products of the consistency of the smooth, beautiful, and can drink the company development and production of moulding machines on-line operation, save manpower and truly realize full automation...
  • Fold the edge of the incision.
    the machine is used for the injection molding machine with a variety of beverage closures after processing, drip within the cap at the top of the gasket, so that they don't leak, no leakage, automatic cover, take cover, choose cover, cover, moulded, take off the lid. Drop pad uniform smooth and beautiful, good sealing. Speed: 12000-15000 / hour. Power: about 7 kw. Pressure: 0.7 MPa. Voltage: 380 v...
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